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Feb. 26, 1965       Vol. 8, #9

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The Week

  • Among the major events of the week
  • Sino-Congolese (B) Anniversary
  • Vice-Premier Chen Yi’s Speech: U.S. Aggressive Troops Must Be Forced to Quit Indo-China
  • Premier Chou Greets Afro-Asian Economic Seminar
  • China Recognizes Gambia
  • Nepal's Democratic Day
  • China-G.D.R. Trade

Articles and Documents

Fast Growing Sino-Tanzanian Friendship
China Hails President Nyerere’s State Visit, by Our Correspondent

Chairman Liu Reaffirms China’s Firm Support for People of Viet Nam and the Congo

Sino-Tanzanian Joint Communique

Sino-Tanzanian Treaty of Friendship

Johnson Administration in a Dilemma, editorial from Renmin Ribao. [About the U.S. escalation of its imperialist war against Vietnam.]

Withdrawal of International Commission’s Fixed Teams From D.R.V. Imperative

Washington’s New Move to Aggravate Far East Tension

Japanese Militarists Have Not Abandoned Their Ambitions, by Commentator.
[Sidebar:] Facts on File: “Operation Three Arrows” — Japanese Militarists’ Secret War Plan

The Just Stand of the U.A.R. Government, by Commentator.

International Communist Movement
E. F. Hill’s Statement. [Rejecting the revisionist C.P.S.U.’s call for an international meeting of Communist parties.]

Industrial Management in China — How China’s Socialist State-Owned Industrial Enterprises Are Managed, by Ma Wen-Kuei

Facts on File
Why U.S. Opposes a Return to the Gold Standard

Continued Weakening of U.S. Economic Position in the Capitalist World:
Major economic statistics of European countries and the United States

[This appears to be a sidebar to the previous article.]

Round the World

  • U.S. Outrages in Uganda: Africa Protests
  • Indonesia: Ready to Bear Arms
  • U.N. Assembly: Do-Nothing Session

Across the Land

  • Off to a Good Start   [About spring plowing and planting.]
  • Medical Teams in Countryside
  • New Waterway for Lumber Transport
  • Concern for the People   [On the part of the P.L.A. and police.]
  • Helping Themselves   [The socialist education movement in agriculture in a commune near the Great Wall.]
  • Briefs


  • Serving the Peasants
  • On the Road
  • Helpful Aids

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