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Jan. 1, 1966       Vol. 9, #1

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The Week

  • D.R.V. Army Day
  • E.F. Hill Arrives For Visit
  • Persecution of Chinese Nationals in Bali Protested
  • Sino-Korean Protocol
  • Sino-Rumanian Trade Agreement
  • Mao Tse-tung’s Works in English
  • China-G.D.R. Treaty Anniversary

Articles and Documents

“Welcoming 1966 — The First Year of China’s Third Five-Year Plan”, — Renmin Ribao Editorial.

“The Leaders of the C.P.S.U. Are Betrayers of the Declaration and the Statement”, by the Editorial Department of “Renmin Ribao”.

“The U.N. — A Market-Place for U.S.-Soviet Political Deals”

“U.N. Has No Right to Discuss Korean Question”

How Low Can They Sink!, by “Renmin Ribao” Commentator.
[Sidebar:]“U.S.S.R., U.S. Gang Up to Slander China”

“Foreign Ministry Statement:
China Backs Cambodia Against U.S. War Threats”

“Building an Independent National Economy:
How China Raises Funds for National Construction”
, by Li Cheng-jui

Round the World

  • In Beleaguered Saigon: Butterflies in the Stomach
  • Dominican Republic Unreconciled: Adding Fuel to the Fire
  • William Epton Case: Judes Will Be Judged
  • U.S.A.: Not So Merry Christmas
  • A Matter of Faith [About how Cardinal Spellman took out a $1 million insurance policy before visiting Saigon, rather than “trusting in God”.]
  • Johnson-Erhard Talks: Give and Take
  • Foreign Press Review: U.S. Aggressors Quagmired in South Vietnam

Across the Land

  • Industrial Achievements of 1965


  • New Year Holiday Attractions

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