Peking Review: Contents Page

Jan. 7, 1966       Vol. 9, #2

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The Week

  • Mao Tse-tung’s Works in Minority Languages
  • Premier Chou Greets Afro-Asian-Latin American Conference
  • India’s Interference in China’s Affairs Protested
  • Cuba’s Liberation Anniversary
  • Burma’s National Day
  • Teng Hsiao-ping Meets E. F. Hill
  • N. Sanmugathasan Leaves Peking
  • Thailand Patriotic Front Anniversary

Articles and Documents

“Foreign Ministry Statement Condemns U.S.-Engineered Thai Aggression Against Cambodia”

Vice-Premier Chen Yi:
A New and Great Anti-U.S. Revolutionary Storm is Approaching”
. Replies to “Akahata” Correspondent.

Work-Study Schools
A Significant Development in China’s Educational Revolution”
, by Liang Nien.

“South Vietnamese People’s Five Years of Victorious Struggle”. [Summation of an important N.F.L. communique.]

“‘Peace’ Smokescreen Won’t Cover Up Aggressive Schemes”

News Analysis:
How U.S. Plots to Set All Indo-China Ablaze”

Foreign Press Review:
Bottleneck? Shortage?”

International Communist Movement:
Political Report and Resolution of Peruvian C.P.”

“Retrospect and Prospect — Foreign Press Crystal-Gazing”

Round the World

  • Indonesia: Anti-Communist Orgies
  • Malayan Patriots Under Arrest
  • A.A.J.A. Secretariat Forced Out
  • Cambodia: Prepared to Repulse Aggression
  • Thailand: On the Path of War
  • Revisionist Preaching: Soviet-U.S. Logrolling
  • White House Trickery: Passport As a Mask
  • The Passing Show: Where’s That Hero?

Across the Land

  • Nationwide Water Conservancy Campaign
  • Tibet: 7 Bumper Harvests in a Row
  • Simpler Accounting: Wider Economic Democracy
  • Briefs


  • Moving With the Times
  • Up in the Himalayas

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