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Jan. 28, 1966       Vol. 9, #5

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The Week

Articles and Documents

“Johnson Administration’s Self-Exposure”, Renmin Ribao editorial (Jan. 24, 1966)

“Be a Conscious Revolutionary — More on ‘All Our Work is for the Revolution’”
[Sidebar:] Discussion on “All Our Work is for the Revolution”

In the Cultural Revolution
“Art Goes to the Villages”
, by Chou Kai

“The Interrelation of Political and Economic Independence”, by Hsu Nai-chiung

Latin America
“The People Fight Ahead”
, by Fen Hsi. [About Latin American struggles against U.S. imperialism.]

Facts on File
“U.S. Economic Penetration of Latin America in 1965”

World Trends
“Franco-American Antagonism Deepens”
, by Hsin Wen.

Round the World

[Across the Land]

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