Peking Review: Contents Page

Vol. 9, #18       April 29, 1966

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The Week

Articles and Documents

“Hold High the Great Red Banner of Mao Tse-tung’s Thinking; Actively Participate in the Great Socialist Cultural Revolution”. [Focusing on literature and art.]

“A Major Victory for China’s Foreign Policy of Peace: Welcome Chairman Liu Home From His Visits Abroad”.

“Militant Unity of Journalists:
A.A.J.A. Secretariat Meets in Peking”, by Our Correspondent. [The Afro-Asian Journalists’ Association.]

“Communique of the A.A.J.A. Secretariat Meeting”

“A.A.J.A. Secretariat Meeting:
General Report by Djawoto”.

“The Five-Starred Red Flag Is Inviolable”. [About the welcome home for Chinese embassy staff in Djakarta, Indonesia after defending their embassy and its flag from an attack by fascist thugs.]

“Foreign Ministry Notes:
Strongest Protests Against Indonesian Government’s Deliberate Anti-China Outrages”.

“Indonesian Government - Organizer of the Anti-China Outrages”

“Right-Wing Reactionaries Plunge Indonesia Into a Bloodbath”

“Peking Rally:
Firm Support for Dominican People’s Patriotic, Anti-U.S. Struggle”

“Report From Earthquake Area:
The People Indomitable”

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