Peking Review: Contents Page

Vol. 9, #26       June 24, 1966

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The Week

Articles and Documents

“Chairman Mao Has Elevated Marxism-Leninism to a Completely New Stage With Great Talent”, — Comrade Lin Piao’s Letter.

“Chinese Party and Government Delegation Headed by Comrade Chou En-lai Visits Rumania”.

Comrade Chou En-lai’s Speech

“Vice-Premier Chen Yi Speaks on the New Situation in China’s Socialist Revolution and Construction”.

“The Brilliance of Mao Tse-tung’s Thought Illuminates the Whole World”. [References to south Vietnam, Laos, the Congo (B.), the Congo (L.), Algeria, Zanzibar and Somalia.]

“Carry Out the Cultural Revolution Thoroughly and Transform the Educational System Completely”.

Revolution in Education:
“Peking Students Write to Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao Strongly Urging Abolition of Old College Entrance Examination System”

Support for Revolutionary Proposal:
“Revolutionary Students of Peking No. 4 Middle School Write to Chairman Mao”

“Freely Mobilize the Masses; Completely Defeat the Sinister Counter-Revolutionary Gangs”.

“Revolutionary Big-Character Posters are ‘Magic Mirrors’ That Show Up All Monsters”.

“Foreign Ministry Statement Denounces the ‘Seoul Meeting’”.

“Exposing New U.S. Fraud Over Nuclear Weapons”, by Observer.

“Speech of Head of Chinese Delegation” — At World Peace Council in Geneva.

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