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Vol. 9, #35       Aug. 26, 1966

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Articles and Documents

“Chairman Mao Joins a Million People to Celebrate the Great Cultural Revolution”. [The mass rally in Peking on Aug. 18, 1966.]

“Comrade Lin Piao’s Speech” [at the above rally].

“Comrade Chou En-lai’s Speech” [at the above rally].

“Grow Up Braving Storm and Stress” — Speech on August 16 at a mass meeting of students who have come to Peking from other parts of the country, by Chen Po-ta.

“Zambian Vice-President Kamanga’s Visit to China”

“China-Zambia Joint Press Communique” (Aug. 22, 1966).

“Chairman Mao Is With the Masses”

“A Great Ideological Revolution That Destroys the Old and Establishes the New”

“Victoriously March Forward Along the Road of Mao Tse-tung’s Thought”

“Workers, Peasants and Soldiers Must Firmly Support the Revolutionary Students”

“The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Engulfs Peking’s Streets”. [About Red Guards renaming streets and store names.]

“It’s Fine!” [Referring to the rebel spirit of the young “Red Guards”.]

“The Nation Hails the Communique of the Party’s Central Committee”

International Communist Movement:
“Political Resolution of First Congress of Chilean Revolutionary Communist Party”

Life and Exploits of Liu Ying-chun:
“Model in Implementing Mao Tse-tung’s Thought”

“A Fine Son of the People”. [Also about P.L.A. soldier Liu Ying-chun.]

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