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Vol. 9, #37       Sept. 9, 1966

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The Week

Articles and Documents

“Chairman Mao Receives Red Guards and Revolutionary Teachers and Students”. [Mass rally at Tien An Men Square.]

Comrade Lin Piao’s Speech

Comrade Chou En-lai’s Speech

“The People’s Revolutionary Strategy Will Surely Triumph Over U.S. Imperialism’s Counter-Revolutionary Strategy”, by Tung Ming. — In commemoration of the first anniversary of the publication of Comrade Lin Piao’s essay “Long Live the Victory of People’s War!”.

“Rip Up the Paper Tigers and Create a New World” — Foreign friends warmly praise Chairman Mao’s brilliant thesis that imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers.

“Chinese National Defence Ministry’s Strongest Protest Against U.S. Imperialism’s War Provocation”.

[Sidebar article:] “Recent Criminal Raids on Chinese Ships by U.S. Aggressors”.

“Struggle by Reasoning, Not by Coercion or Force”.   [Regarding methods to be used in the GPCR.]

Two Revolutionary Big-Character Posters:

“What are Sung Shih, Lu Ping and Peng Pei-yun Up To in the Cultural Revolution?”.   [At Peking University.]

“Long Live the Revolutionary Rebel Spirit of the Proletariat”.   [Red Guards poster at the Middle School Attached to Tsinghua University.]

“Hail a Big-Character Poster at Peking University”, by “Renmin Ribao” Commentator.

“Examples of How the Masses Creatively Study and Apply Mao Tse-tung’s Thought”.

“Armed With Mao Tse-tung’s Thought”, by Chuang Chia-fu, table tennis coach.

“Philosophy in Selling Watermelons in a Big City”, by Chou Hsin-li.

“Giving Prominence to Politics is Fundamental to Making Our Cultural Team Function Well”. [Part 1.] [A long article about the relationship of politics to literature and art.]

International Communist Movement:

“Ceylon Communist Party Decides to Actively Promote the Study of Chairman Mao’s Works”.

“Whom Does the Indonesian Right-Wing Serve?”, by Observer.

“N. Sanmugathasan on Indonesian Revolution”.

“Indonesian Reactionaries Put a Noose Around Their Necks”.



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