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Vol. 9, #45       Nov. 4, 1966

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Full page photo of Chairman Mao. [p. 3]

The Week

Articles and Documents

“Victory for the Proletarian Revolutionary Line Represented by Chairman Mao”. [This is an important editorial from Hongqi (Red Flag), the Party theoretical journal, about the nature and status of the “two-line struggle” in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.]

“Commemorating Lu Hsun — Our Forerunner in the Cultural Revolution”.

Great Meeting in Peking:
“In Memory of Lu Hsun, the Great Standard-Bearer on the Cultural Front”

“Concluding Speech at Meeting in Commemoration of Lu Hsun”, by Chen Po-ta.

“Commemorate Lu Hsun and Carry the Revolution Through to the End”, speech by Yao Wen-yuan.

“Learn From Lu Hsun, Be Faithful to Chairman Mao For Ever”, speech by Huang Ping-wen, student of the Peking Geological Institute.

“Rebutting Simonov”, speech by Liu Lu, student of Peking’s Long March Middle School.

“Mao Tse-tung’s Thought Illuminates Lu Hsun”, speech by Hsu Kuang-ping (Madam Lu Hsun).

“Commemorating Lu Hsun’s Rebellious Spirit”, speech by Kuo Mo-jo.

“Congratulations on China’s Successful Guided Missile-Nuclear Weapon Test”.
      President Ho Chi Minh’s Message
      Greetings From Albanian Leaders
      President Nguyen Huu Tho’s Message
      Jacques Grippa’s Message
      Greetings From the Congolese (B) President
      Samdech Sihanouk’s Message
      Greetings From President Toure

“Credit for the Magnificent Victory Goes to the Great Leader Chairman Mao” -- The Nation Rejoices Over China’s Successful Guided Missile-Nuclear Weapon Test.

“Study ‘On New Democracy’”. Refererence material published by “Jiefangjun Bao” [Liberation Army Daily].

“On the War Criminal’s ‘Search For Peace’”, by Observer.

“Chinese Students in the Soviet Union Leave Moscow for Home”.

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