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Vol. 10, #5       January 27, 1967

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Articles and Documents

“Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-tung On Opposing Economism”

“Proletarian Revolutionaries, Form a Great Alliance to Seize Power From Those in Authority Who are Taking the Capitalist Road!”, Renmin Ribao editorial.

“The People’s Liberation Army Firmly Backs the Proletarian Revolutionaries”, Jiefangjun Bao editorial.

Proletarian Revolutionaries, Unite!
“Seize Power From Below From Those in Authority Who Are Taking the Capitalist Road”.

“Let Mao Tse-tung’s Thought Occupy All Positions in the Press”, Renmin Ribao editorial.

“Firmly Support the Revolutionary Peasant Movement, Thoroughly Smash Counter-Revolutionary Economism” — A Message to All Shanghai People.

“Long Live the Slogan ‘Revolutionary Rebellion Is Justified!’” [PDF: 340 KB]

“‘Past the Sunken Boat, a Thousand Vessels Wing’”, Shanghai Wenhui Bao editorial.

“Respond to Chairman Mao’s Call and Go to the Masses”, Hongqi editorial.

“Internationalist Fighters in the Service of the World’s People” — Afro-Asian people praise Chinese experts educated by Mao Tse-tung’s thought.

“Despicable Anti-China Rumours”, by Commentator.

International Communist Movement:
“Why Do Imperialism and Revisionism Unite in Wildly Attacking the Chinese Communist Party and China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution?”, by the Editorial Board of the Albanian paper Zeri i Popullit [Part II].

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