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Vol. 11, #44       November 1, 1968

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“Communique of the Enlarged 12th Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China” (Adopted on October 31, 1968)
[A Supplement to this issue, with pages numbered i to viii.]

[Inside front cover:] Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-tung

The Week

Articles and Documents

“A New-Type School Where Theory Accords With Practice” — Report of an Investigation Into the Wukou Part-Time Tea-Growing and Part-Time Study Middle School in Wuyuan County, Kiangsi Province.

“Peasant — College Student — Peasant” — Peasant-Intellectual Li Wan-hsi.

“Unprecedently Excellent Situation in China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”, [Part 2].

Repudiating China’s Khrushchov:
“The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is Dictatorship by the Masses”
, by Proletarian Revolutionaries of the Political Academy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

International Communist Movement:

“Soviet-Czechoslovak Treaty Legalizes Transformation of Czechoslovakia Into Soviet Revisionist Colony” — Excerpts from an editorial in Albanian paper Zeri i Popullit.

“Soviet Revisionists’ Crime of Savage Aggression Against Czechoslovakia Most Strongly Condemned” — Statement by the Delegation of the Central Committee of the Indonesian Communist Party. [Includes criticism of the Soviet revisionists for trying to split the P.K.I.]

“Soviet Revisionists Have Degenerated Into Imperialists Waving the Signboard of Socialism” — Statement by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil condemns Soviet revisionists for their crime of aggression against Czechoslovakia.

“A Lame Alibi”, by Fan Hsiu-ping. [Criticizing Soviet revisionist excuses for invading Czechoslovakia.]

“Soviet Revisionist Renegades Step Up Capitalist Reorganization of Economy”.

“Soviet Revisionists: Sordid Salesmen of Reactionary Western Culture”, by Hung Tsin-ta and Nan Hsueh-lin.

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