Peking Review: Contents Page

Aug. 25, 1972       Vol. 15, #34

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The Week

  • Samdech Sihanouk Arrives in Peking
  • Comrade Chou En-lai Meets Comrade Le Duc Tho
  • Canadian External Affairs Secretary in Peking
  • Peking-Toronto: Two Exhibitions
  • Cameroonian Government Delegation
  • Nigerian Government Economic Mission
  • Premier Chou Meets Japanese Friends
  • Shanghai Dance-Drama Troupe Returns
  • News Briefs

Articles and Documents

“On Studying Some History of Philosophy”, by Tang Hsiao-wen.

“Developing National Economy:
Relationship Between Agriculture, Light Industry and Heavy Industry”
, — Summary of a discussion among cadres in Kwangtung Province.

“U.N. Sea-Bed Committee Ends Session”.
[Includes sections “On Governing International Sea-Bed Area”; “On Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution”; and “On Conference on the Law of the Sea”.]

“Shanghai Applies Electronic Techniques”

Round the World

  • South Viet Nam: New Victories
  • Growing Struggle Against Suppression   [About the struggle in south Viet Nam’s U.S. occupied cities.]
  • Japan: Intensified U.S. Forces’ Military Activities Protested
  • Egyptian-Soviet Relations: Unjust Silence
  • Israel: Immigration of Soviet Jews

Friendship Log

  • The Tokyo-Shanghai Flight
  • Manila Exhibition of Photos on China

On the Home Front

  • Protecting River Banks
  • Multi-Purpose Use of Waste Water
  • Artificial Hail-Prevention
  • New Housing Estate for Boat-Dwellers

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