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Vol. 19, #18       April 30, 1976

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The Week

Articles and Documents

“Repulsing the Right Deviationist Wind in the Scientific and Technological Circles”, by the Mass Criticism Group of Peking and Tsinghua Universities. [Includes a brief discussion of Mao’s statement that “Marxism embraces but cannot replace...” scientific theories.]

“Hailing China’s Great Victory in Beating Back Right Deviationist Attempt to Reverse Correct Verdicts” — News reports and commentaries from Marxist-Leninist parties and friendly countries.

Socialist Industry (III):
“Workers Participate in Management” — A visit to Luta’s factories.

[Sidebar:] “Woodcuts by Luta’s Workers”

Revolution in Literature and Art:
“A Good Film: ‘Breaking With Old Ideas’”

Revolution in Literature and Art:
“More Scientific Films”

Messages of Greetings for Premier Hua Kuo-feng
      — From Cameroonian President Ahidjo
      — From Malian Head of State Traore
      — From French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac
      — From Swedish Prime Minister Palme
      — From Norwegian Prime Minister Nordli
      — From Danish Prime Minister Joergensen
      — From Chairman Kosygin of U.S.S.R. Council of Ministers
      — From Philippine President Marcos
      — From Mauritian Prime Minister Ramgoolam
      — From Prime Minister Thorn of Luxembourg
      — From Chairman Lazar of Hungarian Council of Ministers
      — Verbal Message From Chairman Hamdi of Yemen Arab Republic to Chairman Mao Tsetung
      — From Prime Minister Kamara-Taylor of Sierra Leone
      — From Peruvian Prime Minister Maldonado
      — From Chairman Todorov of Bulgarian Council of Ministers
      — From Chairman Batmonkh of Mongolian Council of Ministers
      — From Premier Lubomir Strougal of Czechoslovak Government
      — From Prime Minister Trovoada of Sao Tome and Principe
      — From Chairman Jaroszewicz of Polish Council of Ministers
      — From Chairman Sindermann of G.D.R. Council of Ministers

Soviet Social-Imperialism:
“Maritime Hegemonic Features Fully Exposed”, by Chiang Chien-tung.

Round the World

On the Home Front

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