John Dewey (1859-1952)

      John Dewey was one of the best known philosophers of PRAGMATISM, that notorious American attitude that you shouldn't bother to try to really understand anything, just keep doing what seems to be working for the moment. Dewey was apparently somewhat sympathetic to the vague idea of socialism; he was in favor of lots of things if they were left as vague ideas! But his philosophical views, and his own activities for the most part, were most supportive of the existing capitalist system. It is no surprise therefore that his basic outlook has become the leading ideology of American imperialism.

The pragmatist thinker John Dewey
Wrote a great many books filled with hooey:
    "What works for awhile must be true;
    Thus capitalism, yahoo!"
So to Dewey's philosophy, phooey!
    —JSH, "John Dewey" (1991)

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