A Collection of Some of the Articles and Documents Which Were
First Posted on the Single Spark Collective’s Website

      The Single Spark Collective was officially formed on May 1, 2006, by a very small group of American Maoists who were unhappy with the existing U.S. organizations who called themselves “Maoists”, and who resolved to create a new political pole which emphasized both the need to put forward revolutionary ideas to the working class and also the need to use the mass line method to lead the people in struggle against the capitalist-imperialist ruling class. Unfortunately the members were too few, and were too dispersed around the country (and even outside the U.S.), to be able to form local collectives and engage in any effective mass work. Mostly for this reason, they disbanded the group in October 2008, with everyone resolving to work toward those same goals in various other ways.

      Single Spark did, however, set up a website that was quite valuable for a time. It posted important documents by Maoists in Nepal and elsewhere, including issues of the theoretical journal of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the Worker, which were not available anywhere else on the Internet. The site had two special focuses, on the revolution in Nepal, and on re-evaluating Stalin from the MLM perspective. In addition it posted numerous useful materials on struggles in India, Mexico, and other countries, and on many other revolutionary topics.

      The Single Spark website still existed until December 2008, but is now no longer available. Consequently, many of the important articles and documents have been copied over to this site, except for most of the international items. (Many of the items related to Nepal and India are now available at the Revolution in South Asia website at http://southasiarev.wordpress.com/. The banned revolutionary magazines from India, and People’s March in particular, are now available at bannedthought.net.)