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Vol. 10, #6       February 3, 1967

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Articles and Documents

“On Correcting Mistaken Ideas in the Party” — Mao Tse-tung (December 1929).

“On the Proletarian Revolutionaries’ Struggle to Seize Power”, Hongqi editorial.

“Practise Economy in Carrying Out Revolution; Protect State Property”, Renmin Ribao editorial.

“Take Concrete Action to Give Full Support to the Proletarian Revolutionaries”, Jiefangjun Bao [“Liberation Army Daily”] editorial.

“Shansi Revolutionary Rebel General Headquarters’ Public Notice No. 1”.

“A Great Victory in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Shansi Province”, excerpts from a Renmin Ribao editorial.

“Telegram Saluting Chairman Mao”, from all members of the Shansi Revolutionary Rebel General Headquarters.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Statement:
“Strongest and Most Vehement Protest Against Fanatic Suppression by Soviet Revisionists of Chinese Students Returning From Europe”.

“Warm Regards From Chairman Mao, Comrade Lin Piao, the Party’s Central Committee and the State Council”, Comrades Chou En-lai and Chen Yi send message to the Chinese students.

“Hit Back Hard at the Rabid Provocations of the Filthy Soviet Revisionist Swine!”, Renmin Ribao editorial.

Chinese Students Beaten Up in Red Square:
“Chinese People Denounce Soviet Revisionists’ Fascist Atrocities”.

International Communist Movement:
“Why Do Imperialism and Revisionism Unite in Wildly Attacking the Chinese Communist Party and China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution?”, by the Editorial Board of the Albanian paper Zeri i Popullit [Part III].

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