Peking Review: Contents Page

Aug. 18, 1972       Vol. 15, #33

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The Week

  • Samdech Sihanouk Visits Shantung
  • Waldheim in Peking
  • Premier Chou Welcomes and Invites Prime Minister Tanaka to Visit China
  • Ecuadorian Independence Anniversary Greeted
  • Yugoslav People’s Art Envoys
  • Visit to Australia [of the Chinese table tennis delegation]
  • News Briefs

Articles and Documents

“Renmin Ribao” Editorial:
The Vietnamese People’s Iron Will Is Unshakable

U.S. Bombing of Dykes in North Viet Nam Cannot Be Denied
[Includes a couple paragraphs about Jane Fonda’s statements on this.]

The Laws of Class Struggle in the Socialist Period, by Chi Ping.

Conference of Foreign Ministers of Non-Aligned Countries

China at the U.N.
Consideration of “Bangla Desh’s” Application for U.N. Membership Opposed

At U.N. Sea-Bed Committee
No Superpowers’ Control of the Seas is Allowed

Housing the Working People, by Hsing Huai-kao.

Vigorous Communists
Leaders of Emancipated Slaves

Round the World

  • Cambodia: Victory at Kompong Trabek
  • Thailand: U.S. Military Buildup

On the Home Front

  • High-Quality Cotton Textiles
  • Medical Service in People’s Communes
  • Musk From Domesticated Deer
  • Traditional Nadam Fair

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