Socrates (469-399 BCE)

Listen to Socrates loudly proclaim:
"Citizens! Wait! I'm not really to blame!
       My youths overthrew
       Your democracy, true;
But that wasn't my goal, not my personal aim."

The Athenian jury remained quite unmoved:
"Your influence, old man, on that gang has been proved!
       Still, you may now rejoice;
       You've been given this choice:
You may flee from the city—as you are behooved."

But Socrates saw that he still could regain
His stature in hist'ry, along with some fame.
       By sipping it up—
       That hemlock-filled cup—
The miscreant some how restored his good name.
       —JSH (4/98)

      And indeed, in the court of history, Socrates made it seem that he was more the victim than the criminal.

"The Death of Socrates"
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