Dictionary of Revolutionary Marxism

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Greek philosopher, the precursor (or possibly earliest founder) of the
Eleatic school, poet and satirist. He was one of the first critics of anthropormorphism and mythology. He said that people create gods only in their own image, and that if other animals created gods they would undoubtedly be in the image of those animals! In his theory of knowledge Xenophanes attempted to prove the inadequacy of sense data.

XI Jinping   (1953-  )
“Paramount leader” of the capitalist-imperialist regime in China beginning in 2012. He is simultaneously General Secretary of the still so-called “Communist Party of China” (CCP), President of the PRC, and head of the Military Commission. Xi is what is known as a “princeling” in the CCP, who began his rise to the top of the heap only because his father was a top revisionist leader in the Party during earlier decades.
        In October 2017 Xi was “re-elected” to all his posts for new 5-year terms, and the Party and government is more tightly under his control than ever. The official ideology of the CCP which governs China today is now called “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”—quite a mouthful! Of course this really just means capitalist-imperialism masquerading as “socialism”.

Alternate spellings for

XINHUA NEWS AGENCY   [Pronounced (roughly): shin-hwa]
A major Chinese news agency (like Associated Press or Reuters) which is closely associated with the Communist Party of China. It was established in November 1931 as the Red China News Agency and changed to the name Xinhua in 1937. ‘Xinhua’ is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese phrase which means “New China”, and sometimes this agency is called the “New China News Agency”.

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